About ME


My name is Amanda Martinez and I am a Junior Communications major here at Loyola Marymount University. I love cats. I love coffee. I love my hometown–Orange County. And I love writing, which is why I decided to add on a minor in Journalism last semester. I’ve always had a passion for writing ever since I took a creative writing course my junior year of high school. Although I throughly enjoy talking, writing has always been my favorite form of expression. I want to be a journalist because the idea that some people out there might actually want to read about what I have to say excites me. My favorite form of journalism would have to be blogging since its a fun, and free-spirited way to express my thoughts and opinions. Being that my generation is so heavily depended upon technology and the digital world, nowadays people’s first instinct is to look to the web when faced with a question. However, since the web is so easily accessible, it also has a tendency to lose credibility. I’ve grown up learning how to use computers and various softwares, so the idea of a rapidly advancing tech world doesn’t scare me. I’m excited to explore the world of journalism throughout my time at LMU.


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