Week 4 Blog

One of my favorite forms of journalism is photographic journalism. I love the fact that through a few powerful photos, an entire story can be told. One of this week’s assignments was to reduce our 16 Flickr photos down to 8 photos that tell a story. In the Digital Nation video, majority of the panel are either journalists, bloggers, or writers. I found the video interesting because the discussions that took place were both captivating and informative. I also really enjoyed reading Henry Jenkins’ article ofDigital Immigrants. One aspect of his article that I connected with was his idea of ‘Digital Natives’. He explained how digital natives, “helps us to recognize and respect the new kinds of learning and cultural expression which have emerged from a generation that has come of age alongside the personal and networked computer.” The idea the we can learn from our kids and future generations definitely holds true in terms of technological advancements. My parents still relay on me to tech them basic functions of the iPhone. I think this week’s reading is a good example of how journalism is advancing. Photographic journalism is becoming more advanced being that technology is always advancing. I think the clarity and quality of a photo is what really tells a story.


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