Week 5 Blog

When I think of who really pioneered journalism, I typically don’t think of Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, or Thomas Paine. However, it’s them who started the idea of personal and persuasive journalism. As time went on various outlets became the  main sources journalism. After newspapers came broadcasting and after broadcasting came TV journalism. Before you knew it newspapers companies were out of business and new media journalism began to evolve. Once the internet became a huge sensation people from all over the world started to be journalist, and hence the creating on blogs. I find the timeline of journalism interesting, because it shows how popular the idea of expressing one’s thoughts came to be. Back then there was only a select few groups and people who were considered credible journalist; now everyone has the ability to make the news. A quote that really stood out to me in the reading is when Gillmor mentioned, “Information is an ocean, and newsmakers can no longer control the tide as easily as they once did.” This quote illustrates how much the internet has grown and how accessible it is in terms of information. The reading gave an example how Pepsi’s Free Song giveaway and how the internet was used to cheat the system. Basically the contest was a marketing stunt used to promote the sale of Pepsi products nation wide. In order to win a free song on iTunes, you had to purchase a soda and see if you won by turning over the cap. However, people found a way to cheat the system and technically win every time. Once the information was posted all over the internet, everybody was able to access it and win the Pepsi Free Song Giveaway. Although the contest was a good idea, with access to the internet, the marketing ploy was quickly taken down. This is just one example of how the internet has become an extremely popular and accessible tool to the public.


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