Response to Copyright Criminals

Have you ever wondered why some songs sound familiar? Odds are you have probably heard that beat or rhythm from a different artist. Copyright Criminals stress how the music industry has evolved into this illegal and controversial grey area of how to create music. Growing up, I have seen articles about various artists being sued for stealing or taking credit for another artists’ work. Although it is technically illegal to use other people’s work, how can this actually be monitored or enforced? Artist try and protect themselves by claiming that they are only sampling the music, not stealing it. This is an extremely controversial topic since copyright rules were made for a reason–to protect people from having their work reproduced without permission.

It’s not right for DJ’s, rappers, or just artists in general to reuse or remix other people’s art for their own benefit. Artists are constantly stealing each other’s materials and passing them off as there own. I definitely agree that this needs to be more regulated, but the question is how? It also brings to question, what is even original these days. Money plays a huge role why artists tend to “borrow” others’ works. Sometimes it’s too expensive to hire a quality producer, or maybe they would rather not pay someone to write their lyrics; so as result, they often turn to stealing, or “sampling”. I personally enjoy and look forward to the release of new material, however, now after watching the video I question if what I listen to has been illegally used or borrowed from someone else.


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