GOP Debate: Live Tweets

I loved that we got to watch the GOP Republican Debate during class because I wasn’t able to watch it live earlier that day. Live tweeting was an interesting activity because it caused you to focus on each candidate’s platform and and get to know some of the candidates you might not have been to familiar with. I identify more as a democrat, so I enjoyed watching the GOP debate to get to know the Republican candidates and what they believe in.

Before this class I was not much of a tweeter. However, this activity helped me to get better acquainted with how to use various tools such as hashtags, posting links, tagging, retweeting, and favoriting. If I had to pick two of my top tweets they would be the ones that sparked discussion or public recognition. Majority of my tweets were more light hearted and humorous, although I did tweet about some important topics that were brought up during the debate.

I enjoyed watching the presidential debate. Although there was a lot of satirical memes and references that came from the debate, there was also some valid points made. I retweeted many posts from comical, well known people, and shared links to websites during my live tweet session. I hope to become a more avid twitter user  in the future and live tweet more events.


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