Missouri Articles

Students Walk Out at Ithaca College in Solidarity Protests with Missouri

This article found on Mashable talks about how students at Ithaca College, located in New York,  organized a “walk-out” to demonstrate a show of solidarity for the situation that occurred at the University of Missouri. The walk-out was led by a student group called the People of Color at Ithaca College. Their walk-out also signified that the students had “no confidence” in their school president Tom Rochon. During the protest, the students passed out letters that “listed their case against Rochon.” The students performed die-ins, chants, and moments of silence for incidents at other campuses.

I thought this article was insightful because it incorporated various forms of media, which helped tell the story. Marcus Gilmer, the author of the article, included pictures, videos, and embedded tweets from the event. Each photo had a caption and each tweet was embedded, which allowed me interact with and have more access to information. I thought the student’s organized the event well and in a peaceful manner. The Ithacan, which is the school’s online newspaper, live tweeted the event and shared useful and relevant information such as photos, and status updates.

At University of Missouri, Black Students See a Campus Riven by Race

This article was posted on the New York Times and addresses the issue that occurred at the University of Missouri. Students from the University of Missouri reported many racial incidents that took place on campus. One episode that took place on campus included someone smearing poop into the shape of a swastika on a wall. There have been protests, a hunger strike, a threat to boycott the football team, and finally the resignation of the university’s president and chancellor. Before any of these incidents blew up in the news, students have reported that there has always been racial tensions “woven into the fabric of everyday life at this, the state system’s flagship campus.” People have been using Yik Yak and other social media sites to post anonymous threats to black students. Black students decided to steer clear from campus in order to avoid threats and violence. The police arrested two white students, both 19 years old, who were caught posting threats online. These students feel threatened, scared, and upset due to this sense of racism and cultural isolation.

This article breaks up the text by embedding photos with captions in between the paragraphs. This helps readers take a break as they get a more visual and contextual understanding of the story. One media element that stood out to me was the use of an “interactive feature.” Here the New York Times reaches out to it’s rears to ask if they have ever encountered racial conflict on campus. This is a section where the readers can offer their input and experiences.


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