Citizen Four & Tight Security

Within the first few minutes of Citizen Four I was on the eye of my seat. The combination of cryptically coded letters and eerie voiceovers captivated my attention from the opening scene of the documentary. Although we didn’t get through the entire film yet, I saw enough to learn about just how private our lives truly are. Bugged devices and tapped phone calls are only a mere aspect towards our overarching breech of confidence. Edward Snowden, a former CIA employee went from being an ordinary man to a wanted fugitive in a matter of days. I think Snowden is brave for unveiling what truly goes on behind the scenes of the NSA. What really took my aback was how much illegal spying the NSA was doing to our country. Being an American, we pride ourselves on the ideology of freedom. That includes freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom to be our selves. However, the NSA has gone extensive measures to breech this so called freedom we have in order to crack down on security measures. I knew the government had cameras everywhere and tapped certain phone calls, but what I didn’t know is just how much they could actually track us. Snowden explained how we can be traced by credit card trails, bus rides, phone calls, emails, cameras, etc. Although I know we are being carefully watched for our own good, it freaked me out to see how easy it is to trace back my steps in a matter of minutes.

With the world in high alert after the ISIS Paris attacks, its times like these that I wonder whether or not the NSA should over step boundaries. These two articles below discuss how security has greatly increased since the Paris attacks.

Security Tight as Paris Climate Conference Begins

This article written by USA Today talks about how security at the Climate Change Conference is more alert than ever. With 150 world leaders gathered in Paris only two short weeks after the terrorist attacks, they have taken lengthy measures to maintain the safety of these global leaders. Being that this conference is one of the largest gatherings of presidents and prime ministers, France has made certain to add extra security and police forces to ensure safety. Paris has been on lockdown since the attack and police have tapped off and shut down grocery stores, side walks, and public places. Basically they are taking every precaution imaginable in order to keep out any more terrorist plots. The President of France passed emergency legislations which made sure to shut down demonstrations and protest to help with security. Although emergency legislation was forced, people still came out to demonstrate on Sunday which led to tear gas, violence, and fear. George Taylor, who is an employee at iJET, which is a risk assessment and planning firm expressed how much work was put into organizing this meeting. He mentions that planning the security for the climate conference has taken over a year of organizing.  All around the nation security has been heightened due to terrorist threats and theories. In my next article I will discuss how various sports teams and arenas have been affected as well.

AFL plans to boost security due to Paris attacks

Ever since the terrorist attacks, sports arenas and concert halls have been working frantically to up their security.  Major tournaments across Europe are currently working on ways to increase security measures so that these incidents won’t happen again. Australia for example is increasing security for all AFL stadiums and the crowds are subject to more “stringent searches.” They decided to staff the stadiums with more security presence and fund more money towards technology advancements. The AFL wants to provide the fans, players, and staff more protection in the wake of these horrific Paris attacks. The AFL has been looking towards the NFL for security advice on how they run the super bowl. They plan on expanding their security protocols and advancing procedures to ensure a safer sports experience. The AFL also takes about expanding security measures for players when they travel through airports and stay at hotels. The world is shaken up by the devastation of the Paris attacks and have been working fast and hard to improve security everywhere they can.


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